We the People

People in the service industry are generally social creatures. We have a lot to say, and we can relate to each other quite a bit regardless of the establishment we work in. Whether you work in a small town mom and pop diner or a big city 5 star Super Club, we all have the basic trials and tribulations to share. The reality is there has yet to be a social spot just for us. Yes, you can find pockets of your fellow comrades on the big networks but look at the numbers below. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. In the USA alone we are over 10 million strong! Do you know what we can do as a collective voice? We can affect everything from who becomes President all the way to who wins American Idol. Just as important, we are our biggest supporters! Got a blog that's worth reading? Have you created music worth listening to? We are our own best audience. Every establishment has coworkers who are destined to do great things with the right support. It could be you! Our hope is that by using Chit as a median, we can all contribute and share to get ourselves, and those around us the breaks we deserve.



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World Wide

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The Tribe Has Spoken

Shape your community! Up vote the stuff that helps us. Down vote the stuff that doesn't. This is an easy way to build up your Bar Tab. 

Sharing is Caring

Use written posts, photos and videos to express how your shift is going! Vent, instruct or just share a meme. 

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Report on the GO!

Chit is a mobile app ONLY.  This helps you share industry moments while in the moment. 

Social Media by Numbers

Where is everyone hanging out after work? With Billions of user profiles, it's tough to find our community. Enter Chit on iOS and Android

Who needs Chit? And why?

Chit is home base for the service industry. Should you be fortunate enough to have experience in the service industry, you may qualify to become a member. Once a member and upon the launch of our app, you will be allowed to invite 5 others to join. This way, it is up to every user to help maintain and grow our home!

[service icon="group" title="All FOH/BOH Employees"]Think of Chit as one BIG staff party. Come in, grab a drink and relax with friends. Feel free to vent, share a story or help out those that are a little "green". If you spent your shift in the weeds, here is where you resurface. [/service][service icon="cutlery" title="Owners, Managers and Supervisors"]With the ability to focus in on a 25 mile radius surrounding your establishment, Chit is a great way to share "industry nights" on the fly. Who doesn't want a bar full of industry personnel? We spend money and tip well with little grief. Oh, and what a great way to hire the best staff in your area too![/service][service icon="facebook" title="Fanpage Admins"]As a Facebook FanPage Admin, you've worked hard to get your followers and they look forward to your post. Unfortunately Facebook has created a disconnect where only 1-5% of your followers actually see you (unless you pay of course)! At Chit, we appreciate your hard work and will never limit your reach! Contact Us to get things going faster.[/service]

Meet the Team

Our team is lead by a guy with 17+ years experience in the service industry and supported by a couple of guys who are completely comfortable on the other side of the bar. Luckily for us all, the skilled contractors we've chosen to work with are all top notch and have helped pull this app together. Read below to see more.